What is this, man? The Hungarian Lucky Game is a hour-long monthly mix show of top quality electronic music. What sets it apart from your everyday EDM podcast is that it brings forth the unearthed gems of the Carpatian Basin and Eastern Europe. Want to discover tracks you've never heard before? This is the place for You.
Why "The Hungarian Lucky Game"? The name is derived from a gag of Hungarian comedian Hadházi László and jokingly refers to a game of chance locally called "Itt a piros, hol a piros?" (specialized three-card monte, occasionally played with traditional Hungarian cards).
Sounds fun. I want to subscribe.
Tell me how!!
Easy there! You can always use this feed to subscribe. I hope You know what to do with it.
Your logo is ugly! What the hell? I know. The logo mocks the design of Hungary's newly established tobacco/cigar shops. It also features the heart symbol of the Piros (Red) suit of Hungarian playing cards.
So, who are you anyway? My name is Attila Gyöngyösi, bearing the moniker 'chipa' for my music projects. It comes from my childhood nickname, not the Latin-American food. I am just a humble dude with a passion for music. And coding. Beer also.
I've got a kick-ass track! Tons of mash-ups and a cute kitty!
Will you feature them on the show?
I am constantly searching the interwebz for great music. Especially from Hungarian producers obviously. Anyway, if You have some nice material on You, just write an email. I will get back to You if I will include it. I don't like kitties.
Sobri Jóska? Oh, he was a notorious outlaw in 19th century Hungary.